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Most people don’t have the innate skills to cope with the changes life brings. From childhood, Darelle Joiner has been entrenched in trying situations that forced him to adapt. Born TO a 16-year-old girl who became a heroin addict, and a father who was nowhere to be found, Darelle was taken in by his maternal grandmother who all suffered from alcoholism and drug abuse. Due to Darelle’s grandmother’s inability to care for him, he became a ward of the state at age 6 and was placed in a group home. His formative years were filled with tragedy and instability where he bounced between foster homes and group homes. But through it all, Darelle survived. Realizing early on that he had a knack for athletics, he excelled in sports eventually receiving a college football scholarship, only to quickly lose it due to a learning disability and lack of support.

Many people would have lost hope, but this only propelled Darelle to strive more, and drove him towards his biggest step, joining the U.S. Marines. But hardship didn’t end there and Darelle’s ready to share his story of how he went from feeling limited, to becoming limitless and highly accomplished, including advancing through the government ranks to GS-14 and starting a small business where he acquired multiple contracts with Fortune 500 companies within the first few years, among many other achievements. Through his heart-wrenching experiences of sexual abuse, violence, aloneness, and more, Darelle will explain how he triumphed and beat the odds. He will educate audiences on how fitness equips your mind and body to tackle anything. He will inspire audiences and show them how to take control of their lives, how to love themselves, and how to have a limitless mindset and BREAKTHROUGH!

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Speaking Topics
  • Men’s health
  • At risk youth
  • Life rebuilding
  • Limitless mindset

My husband was transformed by Darelle’s programs. His energy levels and confidence skyrocketed. He’s physically stronger and mentally sharper. Time well spent!

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